Smarter Business Security


Our state-of-the-art burglar alarm systems are designed from the ground up to best suit your business. We don’t offer pre-packaged solutions. We fit our security systems around your business, not the other way around.

We work with a wide variety of commercial properties including:

  • Our systems don’t just protect your property, they help you manage your company more efficiently and save money.  Our business solutions include:

    • Multiple location management tools – see what’s happening at all your locations from one screen and receive notifications of any unexpected activity
    • Verified video monitored alarm systems
    • Cloud-based access and video recording systems
    • Thermostat controls
    • High or low temperature detectors
    • Business opening and closing reports

    All of this happens on one, integrated smartphone app!

  • A-1 offers a wide range of security solutions uniquely tailored to the needs of property managers for commercial properties, apartment buildings or HOAs and industrial facilities.

    We offer a building automation system for the entire complex, that allows you to manage and save money while offering your tenants the latest property automation and security for their unit, including:

    • Telephone entry systems
    • Multi-building camera systems
    • Cloud-based surveillance and monitoring and video recording
    • Design and build custom burglar or fire alarm systems
    • Conduct routine fire alarm inspections
    • Service existing systems
    • Takeover or upgrade all types of existing security systems
  • Are you in the process of building a store, warehouse or apartment building?

    We offer temporary security solutions to keep your property safe and secure during construction.

    We can also work with you to custom design and build access control, fire alarms, CCTV and burglar systems so that everything is ready to go once your construction is complete.

    Video verified monitoring with two-way audio to prevent theft before it happens.

  • A-1 Security designs and builds code-compliant security for many different local grows and dispensaries. Our systems often include:

    • Off-site video recording
    • Comprehensive surveillance
    • Burglar alarm monitoring
    • Access control
    • Thermostat and environmental control systems
    • Explosion-proof cameras and other devices as required by current codes

    Tired of the damage from attempted or successful break ins? Our live video monitoring with two-way audio prevent break-ins before they occur.

  • In today’s world, security is now a top priority for places where people naturally congregate.

    With our comprehensive, multi-tiered solutions, you can control who walks in the door, and keep an eye on their every move. We offer visitor badging software to help monitor everyone who comes and goes.

  • Oil and gas, utility and water companies can’t afford for vandalism to damage your infrastructure or shut down your productivity.

    A-1 Security knows the unique challenges you face, and with our state of the art video monitoring solutions we can prevent crime before it happens. With two-way audio, cellular and satellite based surveillance systems we can deter vandalism and save you thousands in property damage and lost revenue.

We provide phone-line free cellular radios, and can divide systems for multiple areas or buildings with different suites. This allows you to keep employees from entering areas such as managerial offices or warehouses, while still allowing access to the rest of the property.

Are These Solutions Secure?

Hackers and other cyber criminals pose a huge threat to your businesses data and intellectual property.

With big box security products, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to hackers. Our solutions are fully encrypted with the same level of security that national banks use, while most DIY security systems are not.

Remember, you’re only as secure as your weakest link.

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